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Did you know we have been in the business of plumbing and electrical since 2008 and been heavily involved in installing solar panels and the solar energy game in general since 2010 when solar thermal took off and we have seen the industry change so much over the years. We have also been a member of seai for over 10 years helping people claim the government grants.
This is what we do best. From initial contact through to technical survey all the way to your solar panel installation, you can guarantee you’re in safe hands

Using Solar Panels, you will save between 50 – 70% on your electricity bills and have the pleasure of reducing your carbon footprint. What do you think that saving will be like in 10 years time with everything rising rapidly?

Don’t know where to start on your solar panel journey? Lets make it simple, with what you may require

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Solar panels for your roof. The more you have the more electricity produced

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You will need an inverter to connect the dc power to ac power which is used in your home.

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Next you will need a battery to store power produced during the day for use at night when solar isn’t working

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We recommend installing an I boost which heats the water in your cylinder after usage in house is met so no energy is wasted.

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Monitor in real time with our app the energy being
produced, being used and how much is heating your water.

Next Steps

Ok, so now that you know whats involved in having your solar panels installed, lets show you what you need to get a system designed for your home and obtain a quote for it.

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Make contact with us or request a quote and we will call you back

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Once we have your details we will locate your house on google maps and see your roof orientation. We will also look for your electricity usage from your bill and between the two will be able to size a system for your home.

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We will give you an estimate price and if you wish we will arrange an engineer to do a free survey on your home.

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Once you have made the decision to proceed,we can get you booked in for an installation at a time that suits.

We install solar panels that are custom designed for your specific needs.

Solar Panels Tipperary

SEAI Government Grant

Backed by a €2400 seai government grant, what are you waiting for get in touch now for a free quote

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