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Designed bespoke for you

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Solar Panels

Solar photovoltaic systems (solar p.v) are solar panels which generate electricity,such as silicone or thin film panels. This energy they generate can be used to power electrical devices in your home. It is important that the system is sized for self- consumption of the energy within the home

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Battery Storage

This setup will store unused electricty thats produced during the day, to power your home in the evening when its dark, utilising all your electricity produced.

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This smart device will heat your hot water in your cylinder by sending power to your immersion. After the energy of your home is met and battery is fully charged electricity will be diverted to your immersion

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This will change the voltage produced from your solar which is D.C to A.C which is used in your home.

Solar designed for you

Providing you a one stop shop for solar energy systems

With the rising costs of electricity at the moment and with future prices set to soar, we believe solar is the no one investment you can make to combat this.
Business are struggling to stay open with these increasing costs and homeowners alike are paying through the roof without any additional rise in costs.
Investing now on a solar system that saves 60-70% of these costs will lead to even bigger savings say in 10 years time when costs are god knows what.
We provide a service of supplying and installing solar panels throughout Ireland.Installation normally takes one day or on larger installations, two days to complete.
We start off getting you a system designed specifically for you which is bespoke and based on your current electricity usage, size of your home and how much roof space you have.
We will then give you an estimation of overall costs. Following this we will arrange an engineer to call to you for a free consultation. Here you will be advised on all aspects of the system to be fitted all the way through to the installation process.
After this we will arrange an installation date that suits to have your system fitted.
You can rest assured after this you have made the correct decision.

Save Your Money

By investing in solar panels for your home, you will put money in your pocket each month going forward long term.

Consultation & Planning

We design a system bespoke that is based on you and your homes requirements and not just a one fits all solution.

Your Home Is Energy

Money spent on your home increases the value so is always a smart move.

Certified Engineers

Always installed by qualified tradesmen who are regulated and subject to regular inspections which lead to higher quality work.

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